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Our company yet again is pioneering and offers (via the collaborators) a complete bundle (box) with meat to grill (BBQ).

The bundle can be modified even from you
adding bigger quantities in everything or in a specific component or replacing a certain component with another one or increasing the quantity of a certain component by decreasing the quantity of another component.

There are presets for 6 or 12 individuals which contain:

For 6 to 8 individuals For 12 to 15 individuals For professionals or associations
•1 kilos of ribs

•0.5 kilos of rustic sausages

•1-kilos chicken leg fillet

•0.5-kilos kebab

•0.5-kilos of processed souvlaki


•1 kilos of ribs

•1 kilogram of sausages

•1-kilo chicken leg fillet

•1 kilo of handmade burgers

•1 kilo of kebab

•1 kilogram of processed souvlaki (ribs)


Ideal for hotels, camping and associations, you can give us the number of individuals you want to enjoy our products and to give you a unique offer that will leave you with a pleasant surprise.
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